Banksy Graffitti Street Art - Ozone's Angel - Large Wall Sticker


Banksy's Ozone Angel is allegedly a tribute to another street artist named Ozone who was killed by a train. This angel stands holding a human skull, and the angel is adorned with a bulletproof vest. Ozone Angel is extremely popular works that have been reproduced on canvas, stencils, t-shirts, and various other forms.
Own this amazing piece of art the easy way. Cut from high quality vinyl sticker this wall art is easy to apply without damages to the surface underneath. Enjoy this easy transformation sticker anywhere smooth indoors and outdoors as the material we use is fully weatherproof and hardwearing.
Update your interiors in minutes without specialists tools or experience.

Price: £13.99

' I Can and I Will ' - Amazing Vinyl Wall Quote


Simple and powerful mantra can change lifes. Looking great once applied this wall art is suitable for any room, furniture or gadgets. Sizes start from 30cm by 30cm.
Ideal for competitive workplace, students or anyone undertaking something new.
Personalise your space in just few minutes with the easy application. This durable vinyl sticker can be removed without leaving a trace.
There is a wide selection of colours available for this design.

Price: £8.99

Shy Girl Wall Decoration


Elegant wall décor adds a feminine touch to interiors with this pretty, shy lady looking away. Somewhat mysterious feel about this wall sticker is a great idea for an interesting focal point in your living room, above your bed or maybe a workplace.
Subtle lines of her wavy hair and the delicate face contours have a light, stylish and glamorous breath making your home feel contemporary and luxurious.
Get this wall art in any of the three sizes and choose the right colour to suit your style.

Price: £9.99
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